Motivational Minute Episode 7 – Create a habit and desire becomes obsolete!

I hear this from people all the time. They want to improve some aspect of their life (health, weight, body fat, nutrition, fitness, money, etc.). I hear some version of the same story every time.
“Dr. Jake, I really want to _______! I want to change because (enter newest motivation for change)!”
Don’t get me wrong, I love it when people want to change! A desire for a different result than you are currently getting is VITAL for success. But there is a very big problem with desire…


In this episode of Motivational Minute, I explain how desire, while powerful, will more likely than not KEEP YOU from achieving your goals!
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Maximum Blessings!


Motivational Minute Episode 6 – Acknowledge Your Opportunities and Blessings

Sometimes we need to be reminded to just take a minute and realize how blessed we really are! When was the last time you stopped moving and thought about the good things in your life? Most of us (myself included) can recall all the crap that is currently happening…but can you also call up the good?

My challenge for you today is just that…think about all the good in your life!

The way I see it, God will only bless what you acknowledge. I don’t have any theological rationale behind that thought process, just my understanding of how God works. He isn’t going to bless our whining! He wants nothing but the best for us, but if we don’t give thanks to all He has ALREADY GIVEN US, why would He want to give more?

Take a minute today and be grateful for the good in your life!

Maximum Blessings!


Motivational Minute Episode 5 – Steer Clear of Negative People!

Have you ever been around a truly negative person? How does it make you feel? I for one can’t stand even talking to someone that sees the world through a negative lens! But, why is it so damaging to be around them?

The main reason negative people are so toxic to your life is because they are trying to infect you with their negativity!

Think of it this way. Each conversation is a battle. Your job is to leave a positive impact on the person, and theirs is to leave a negative impact.

Who’s going to win?

Not you! Think about it. Even IF you leave them feeling more positive, what did it cost you? A lot of mental energy!

The next conversation you have after your interaction with the negative person will have a negative slant. I, for one, don’t need that negativity to follow me around all day!

I am a firm advocate in avoiding negative people altogether. I know, sometimes it is unavoidable, but your best bet is to keep it brief, and stick to the facts. I’ve found that negative people LOVE getting bogged down in emotions and feelings about their situation.

Talk about a lose-lose!

Maximum Blessings!