Motivational Minute Episode 4 – Change ALWAYS Starts on the Inside!

What I’ve learned over the many years helping thousands of people live healthier and better lives is simple. If you aren’t willing to change who you are on the inside, then you will never get different (i.e. better) results. You will always get what you’ve always gotten.


But, on the flip side of that, the people that made the most improvements all had one thing in common:


It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just change who you are on the inside. In reality, however, that can be challenging. But as I always say, the best things in life are going to be hard to achieve! If anyone could do it easily, then it wouldn’t be very fulfilling as an accomplishment!

Make a decision today to change something on the inside. Eat better. Be better. Think better thoughts. Whatever you decide to change, make sure you do it for the betterment of you family and friends so you have an impact on the future!

Maximum Blessings!

Dr. Jake


Motivational Minute Episode 2 – Want to: Have to Paradox

In Motivational Minute episode 2, I walk the different mindsets of wanting to do something healthy/good for you (desire) and HAVING to do the right thing!

Want to (having a desire) is a weak position to take. Why? What happens when you suddenly don’t want to? Will you quit just because you are tired? Will you through away all the progress you’ve made because it doesn’t feel good today?

Have to is a strong position, because you don’t have any other choice! Whether you want to exercise or not, it doesn’t matter, because you HAVE TO DO IT!

Where in your life can you change your thought process on this? What good things have you been putting off because you simple don’t “want to” do them?



Motivational Minute Episode 1

Hey guys, long time no talk!

I’ve started a new video series that I think you’re going to like! It’s called Motivational Minute, and I will be sending you these short videos over the course of a couple per week!

I would love to re-engage with you over the next couple of months time! I really feel like you are going to love these videos!

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