Motivational Minute Episode 5 – Steer Clear of Negative People!

Have you ever been around a truly negative person? How does it make you feel? I for one can’t stand even talking to someone that sees the world through a negative lens! But, why is it so damaging to be around them?

The main reason negative people are so toxic to your life is because they are trying to infect you with their negativity!

Think of it this way. Each conversation is a battle. Your job is to leave a positive impact on the person, and theirs is to leave a negative impact.

Who’s going to win?

Not you! Think about it. Even IF you leave them feeling more positive, what did it cost you? A lot of mental energy!

The next conversation you have after your interaction with the negative person will have a negative slant. I, for one, don’t need that negativity to follow me around all day!

I am a firm advocate in avoiding negative people altogether. I know, sometimes it is unavoidable, but your best bet is to keep it brief, and stick to the facts. I’ve found that negative people LOVE getting bogged down in emotions and feelings about their situation.

Talk about a lose-lose!

Maximum Blessings!


Motivational Minute Episode 4 – Change ALWAYS Starts on the Inside!

What I’ve learned over the many years helping thousands of people live healthier and better lives is simple. If you aren’t willing to change who you are on the inside, then you will never get different (i.e. better) results. You will always get what you’ve always gotten.


But, on the flip side of that, the people that made the most improvements all had one thing in common:


It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just change who you are on the inside. In reality, however, that can be challenging. But as I always say, the best things in life are going to be hard to achieve! If anyone could do it easily, then it wouldn’t be very fulfilling as an accomplishment!

Make a decision today to change something on the inside. Eat better. Be better. Think better thoughts. Whatever you decide to change, make sure you do it for the betterment of you family and friends so you have an impact on the future!

Maximum Blessings!

Dr. Jake


Motivational Minute Episode 3 – Results are the Motivator, not Desire!

We’ve all been there. We want a new habit so badly. We want to feel better, look better, lose weight, etc. We desire that positive change so badly, because we are tired of the way we currently feel.

There’s only one problem with that…desire won’t help you create a new habit!

What do I mean by that? Am I telling you not to desire to get better? Am I saying not to desire a new result?


What I am saying is that desire, while motivating in and of itself, cannot help create the HABIT, which is what will keep you moving in the positive direction! Habits are the things that will keep you moving when you no longer have the desire.

How many people quit a resolution the week after they make it? ALMOST EVERYONE! Why? Because they were only using desire and want to motivate them to action. When the desire goes away, so does the action they were taking.

Instead of using desire, focus on the RESULTS you are looking to achieve! The results will continue fueling you long after the initial desire has passed!

Avoid the most common mistake people make when setting goals. Don’t use desire to drive your results. Instead, use your expected results to fuel your desire, which will in turn get you to move!

Thanks for reading, and please share this with your friends and family so they can enjoy it, too! Heck, they might even get something positive out of it 😉