Motivational Minute Episode 1

Hey guys, long time no talk!

I’ve started a new video series that I think you’re going to like! It’s called Motivational Minute, and I will be sending you these short videos over the course of a couple per week!

I would love to re-engage with you over the next couple of months time! I really feel like you are going to love these videos!

If you want to watch them on youtube, you can do so by clicking here

Or, you can just wait and watch them on this blog!

Let me know what you think by posting in the comments!! Thanks and enjoy!!


Gut Health Detox Seminar~How to HEAL Your Gut and Detox AT THE SAME TIME!

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” ~ Paracelsus

We had a great turn out at our first “Gut Health Detox Seminar”! If you missed it, you are in luck…I am posting the link to the video here!

This way you can watch the video at your convenience and experience the same healing that many others are going through!

If you have any questions after watching this, feel free to email me or comment below to start a dialogue. You may find that you need extra help with this topic…don’t be afraid to reach out! I would love to help you get better results with your health, even help you get back to your full genetic potential!

Wouldn’t it be great to be functioning at 100%? Watch the video and find out what you problems your gut might be causing in YOUR HEALTH!!

Maximum Blessings!

Dr. Jake


Medicine Cabinet Makeover ~ What Can You Do To Stop Relying On Drugs For Health??

If you didn’t get the chance to come to our live event we had a couple of months ago, here is the video recording! We had a great time going over the power of Essential Oils and how they can help you reclaim your health and walk away from a culture of a pill for every ill!


Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years to help achieve overall health and wellness! I’ve found a really easy way to describe how Essential Oils work that most people can understand.

Every plant has some defense mechanism inside it. This defense mechanism protects the plant from some form of damage, be it from a bug, the environment or something else completely. The distilling process takes that defense mechanism and breaks it down into its purest form (Essential Oil). We get to use that plant’s same defense mechanism to help guard us from cellular dangers! Pretty cool, right?

If you have any questions regarding Essential Oils or how you can get your own for you and your family, either post a question and we can discuss it, or just head over to my website and take a look for yourself!