Are You Stuck?? Four Strategies to Get Unstuck and Level-Up Your Results!

“Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

We’ve all been there. Life is on autopilot. We aren’t experiencing the joy we used to. We don’t get really excited about work, or play, or family, or friends, or really anything for that matter! So what can we do to get back to enjoying life and living to our fullest potential?

I’ll give you four ways you can get yourself unstuck. Use these, and then share them with a friend!

1. Break Your Routine – many times when we are stuck, we are simply stuck with a bad routine. Maybe you need to change the way you get up in the morning? Just change ONE THING, and the whole day will feel different. The “tiny habits” we have (brushing our teeth, eating breakfast, the route to work, etc) keep us in a rut. Change the order of one of these habits and you will break the rut! By breaking the rut, you can reassess your day and re-establish your new routine!

2. Hit the Gym – for a lot of us, just the act of getting back to working out will psychologically break us out of a slump. I know with myself, the worst I feel, the more I need the gym! It doesn’t have to be some crazy new workout program. Simply get back in the gym a couple times a week and DO SOMETHING! The act of going will break the routine of monotony and propel you forward into a new routine.

3. Change Your Nutrition – nutrition is a very important piece to how we feel! When we eat a lot of sugar (carbs, sweets, sugary drinks, etc) it bogs us down both physically and mentally. Many forms of depression and anxiety are simply nutritional problems (not saying that some cases of depression aren’t more serious than others!) By cutting the carbs, you can increase your energy, which will unilaterally increase your outlook on life! Ditch the carbs!

4. Meditate/Pray – do you spend any time during the day being grateful? Sometimes just the act of focusing on what we already have will boost our outlook and make us feel better about life. I teach people to spend 5 – 10 minutes per day (preferably first thing in the morning) focusing on ALL THE THINGS you could possibly be grateful for in your life. Spend that time giving thanks, and watch your life and health increase DRAMATICALLY!!

As always, if you need help with any of these, please comment and ask, or email me! I love helping people live to their full potential! Please don’t struggle alone!

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Maximum Blessings!

Dr. Jake Schmitz